A New Phase: Build Legal – Grow Legal

Tim Vrieling, President

Garret Vrieling, Project Coordination

Welcome to “A New Phase”, IntegrateLab Builders’ monthly update on all things lab design & build; from the methods & ideology to updates & stories. The month of April dealt a few tough hands but our staff truly is comprised of passionate trouble shooters and problem solvers.

We’d like to take a moment and point out one of our staff members, Garrett Vrieling, who is following in his Fathers’ footsteps. He’s been learning everything there is to know about project management, leadership and working with a team. Everyone here at ILB couldn’t be more proud! Way to go Garret and Tim!

Minor Design Build

Updated practices & standards, renovations and replacing lab furniture can all influence this level of build.

We understand that this level of improvement is just as important as all the others. In most cases these projects require the most coordination since the facility is already active. There are a number of conditions that can influence this level of Design-Build; updating equipment, creating more workspace or something as simple as general improvements could open a box of worms. Therefore, choosing the right team to support your efforts is essential to both your project and your business operations.  These improvements can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Mobile & Fixed Benches
  • Lab Tables
  • Shelving Systems
  • Storage Rooms
  • Specialized Analytical Benches
  • Equipment Benches
  • Task Lights


Optimize your current workspace with our Design-Build experts who ask the right questions at the right time. These questions can be what makes the greatest impression on your facility. Every facility experiences an improvement or renovation; collaborating with our design-build experts is what evolves this simple improvement into an advancement.

Building To Grow Commercial Cannabis

Potency and quality can all be affected by how your facility is constructed.

Grow Legal – Build Legal:

Constructing a facility that’s purpose built for the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis is a bit more involved than putting up walls and a roof. This facility needs to be well insulated, with power, water and built out with the intent of growing organic material in a clean and climate controlled environment while also meeting federal, state and county/city standards. This is where it gets interesting.

Over the past few decades growers have had to utilize whatever knowledge and ingenuity they had to build out their facilities. Since cannabis was illegal and then in this “gray area”; it was hard to get legit insight and guidance on proper build practices.

Now, Growers, Scientists and Lab Planning Professionals are able to collaborate to construct facilities since cannabis is sprouting new life in the legal market all across the United States. What does this mean for you? Getting familiarized with the standards set by county/city, state and federal bodies would be the ideal place to start. These governing bodies provide a “framework” for building code, zoning(where you can grow commercially), and other considerations crucial to your commercial grows’ success.

Get Out There and Build:

There are a few things to keep in mind when building out your new commercial cannabis grow. How many plants you plan to grow, better yet, how much weight you expect to produce and distribute will give you an idea of the accommodations that must be made. No matter the size, every commercial cannabis grow requires the same due diligence when it comes to the facility and its location.

Our team of experts not only design and build a facility that supports the goals of your brand but also guide you through the zoning and entitlements process. Which might include; city commission presentations, city planning presentations, basic to in depth drafts and plans of your build. Providing you with support and guidance to move through each phase of your project with confidence.